Neeson Murcutt + Neille

Spring Bay Mill Masterplan

“The project involves the holistic rejuvenation of a disused woodchip mill on 40 hectares of waterfront land close to Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania. The mill operated between 1970 and 2013 and, for many of those years, was a boon to the local area. Almost all the existing mill buildings and industrial structures are kept – delicate intervention into those buildings and industrial structures (including cranes and a bunker), plus the addition of some modest new beach cottages, creating accommodation for 40 people, a restaurant for 80 and a theatre/ideas centre able to seat 200. As a vital part of the project, the land, polluted and degraded after years of industrial use, is also being rejuvenated. The project considers, too, the impact the closing of the mill had on the local community – the unemployment, the downturn in business and general disruption. It’s essential that local people’s lives are enhanced by the project.”

Words by collaborator Leta Keens

Other key collaborators Donald Campbell + Sue Barnsley