Neeson Murcutt + Neille

North Avoca House

2008 RAIA NSW Chapter Architecture Award

The house, a weekender for an extended family, is located close to North Avoca Beach. The siting strategy challenges the familiar pattern of bungalows along the street, positioning the new house on the previously forgotten slope to capture breezes and a glimpse of the sea. The flat part of the site once occupied by a fibro shack, becomes a mini sports ‘oval’, encircled by a planted cyclone wire fence to protect the grandchildren and keep in the dogs. The house steps up the hill with a separable flat at the lower level, bedrooms on the middle level and living areas at the top and feels as comfortable accommodating 2 people as it does 12.

Featured in:
Dwell vol.9 no.8
Urbis Issue 48
Architecture Australia vol.97 no.4
Specifier Issue 84