Neeson Murcutt + Neille

Five Dock House

2007 RAIA NSW Chapter Wilkinson Award

The house is sited on a large lot in a mid-ring suburb characterised by speculative interwar and postwar bungalow development. These modest houses are now being replaced by larger dwellings, generally without architect involvement. The Five Dock House is one such replacement project. Conceived as a model, the house provides similar accommodation as its newer neighbours, but is organised quite distinctively on the site. The house sits as a wedge along the southern side boundary. The strategy creates a series of north-facing internal rooms, each with a corresponding garden room. It engages the whole of the site including gardens front and back, and eshews the autonomous relationship of house and garden that continues to typify our suburbs. The house is spatially diverse internally – an unexpectedly generous family room, intimate dining room, cosy independent lounge – thereby economically accommodating family requirements.

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