Neeson Murcutt + Neille

Blue House

2013 AIA VIC Chapter Award

The Blue House is one of three weekenders built within a ‘family compound’ on the Mornington Peninsula. The houses are set within a contiguous undulating landscape designed by Fiona Brockhoff. It is a garden haven. The spacious two-bedroom house surveys its garden landscape from the centre of the site. The orientation of the house is guided by the sweep of contours, and results in a stepping floorplane and singular raking roof. The plan is tripartite – an open central living space flanked by wings with more enclosed spaces and private rooms. External louvres enable the modulation of sunlight and privacy to these areas. Multi-coloured, they enliven the mute grey of the raw fibre cement sheet cladding. The interior of the house is entirely blue, with a timber floor and ceiling plane. The house is filled with an eclectic collection of furniture, furnishings, artwork, mementos and vernacular crafts, which imbues a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

Featured in:
Houses Issue 101
Australian National Architecture Awards 2013 ed. David Maguire
Architect Victoria: Victorian Architecture Awards 2013